The Real Estate Market is Changing!

Are You?

  • Fewer agents entering the industry
  • Sales are Down
  • More agents leaving
  • Profit margins are diminishing

There is a PROVEN path to success!
You deserve to KNOW what it is!!

Why Do This On Your Own?

As an Independent Broker you wear SO many hats!  Who do you turn to when you want to bounce ideas off of someone or ask to share their experience?  There is comfort in being on a team with shared objectives and challenges.  Discover why so many Owners are joining EXIT Realty’s largest geographic region in North America!

years of experience

The 5 Biggest Challenges Brokerages Face

BIGGEST Complaints from Real Estate Franchisees!

  • “I wanted fewer responsibilities – now I have MORE!”
  • “I pay a lot in fees, yet I’m still nickeled & dimed to death!”
  • “Where is the SUPPORT I’m paying for?”
  • “Profit sharing and stock options are meaningless now!”

Let Us Show You How To

Get ‘em – Grow ‘em – Keep ‘em

Why do people franchise?

Rick Deluca

Regional Owner

The owner of an independent real estate company is challenged with affording the ever-evolving technology, providing the services to keep the company competitive, plus providing the training for the newly licensed and experienced agents.  There are only so many hours in the day and the hats you must wear can be exhaustive.  Find out the primary reasons independent real estate companies choose to join forces with other companies with similar challenges.

The Most UNIQUE Business Model in the Real Estate Industry

Steve Morris

Founder of EXIT Realty

As the founder of EXIT Realty in 1996, Steve revolutionized the real estate industry by designing a business model that was unique and to this date, has yet to be duplicated.  How can agents make more than 100% commission without damaging the company’s bottom line?  Why is it that most real estate agents and owners are NOT financially prepared to retire at the end of their career?  How can we create a culture where we are rewarded by the company’s growth, yet maintain a focus of selling real estate and not recruiting?  Listen to Steve’s story…