The 5 Biggest Challenges Brokers Face

1. Staying current and affording technology

How do you afford or even know of the latest technology being used in our industry today?

What if you could provide…

  • Mobile Business Card you send to clients, and they simply download it to their contacts
  • Expert Marketing Suite that uniformly markets listings by providing a flyer, virtual tour, SMS text code, site URL, HTML and is prepared for social media promotion
  • My Smart Sign code that your agent can send so anyone can search for homes anywhere in North America and the agent is notified what they are looking for!
  • Company and Agent website and more!
  • Our technology is proprietary
  • At NO COST!

2. Convincing agents to work their database

NAR’s Profile of Homes Buyers and Sellers SHOWS that 62% of sellers and 50% of buyers found their agent from a relationship (previous client, friend, family, neighbor, or referral)

What if you could provide…

  • A professionally produced marketing piece your agents can send to their database electronically or print every 21 days to strengthen their relationships
  • Spirit of EXIT that allows matching funds to be made for local charities of your choice, which is greatly appreciated by people within their sphere
  • At NO COST!

3. Generating enough business to meet my overhead

What if you were provided…

  • Business Planning is at the core of a successful real estate office. The Pacific West Region pays a business coach to assist in setting your business plan. Why re-invent the wheel?
  • Brokerage Path to Profitability worksheet is a great asset in “crunching your numbers” to take the guesswork out of the secret to being profitable
  • Broker Success Plan is a step-by-step guide to running a successful business
  • Broker Transition Guide provides everything from legal requirements, office set-up, staffing, signage and more to make the change to EXIT smooth and stress free
  • A variety of Management Support is provided, including monthly training calls, monthly regional owner/manager Zoom calls, Regional Leadership Retreat each spring in Las Vegas
  • EXIT’s Resource Center, which is a virtual gold mine of information on every facet of management
  • At NO COST!

4. Providing proper training to new agents

There is NO One-Size-Fits-All training in real estate! Having been an international trainer for 22 years yes, I’ve learned there are proven activities for success. However, what our industry is lacking is specific direction! In our changing market today, it’s imperative we provide what all levels of agents need!

What if you could provide…

  • 8-Week Success Plan for new and struggling agents that covers specific activities to achieve production quickly! Take much of the training responsibilities off the shoulders of management.
  • Mind-Set training that introduces agents to the WHY and not just the HOW to generate business.
  • Owner/Management training with an opportunity to learn from proven, experienced, and people who have actually run incredibly successful real estate companies!
  • Admin/Support training is often overlooked due to the demands of management. Monthly and as needed one-on-one training is provided on a consistent basis. Don’t ignore this vital component of a successful real estate company!
  • At NO COST!

5. Retaining successful agents without going broke

What if you could provide…

  • A 100%+ commission split that would NOT impact your profitability
  • A Source of Retirement for future financial security
  • An incentive to help you GROW the company organically
  • Live support Monday through Friday with a real person
  • State of the art technology that makes them dependent on you
  • An atmosphere of genuine cooperation and teamwork
  • At NO COST!